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Spotlight Sessions

These hugely interesting and fun sessions will assist learning by challenging your young people to think about daily life outside their normal environment considering issues such as decision making, friendships, self esteem, communication and trust all from a Christian perspective.

Please note, these sessions are an hour in length and details of the specific Spotlight sessions available at each of our centres are listed below:

Walk of Life (WOL)
A purpose built underground tunnel complex with individual chambers giving young people the opportunity to explore and debate some of the bigger questions of life. This session is only available at Rock UK Whithaugh Park Adventure Centre.

Trading Trainers
Set in a Peruvian Village your group will use limited resources to survive, manufacturing and selling trainers.

The Maze
Using a purpose built maze, through a variety of games this session encourages participants to consider how they make choices in life, who influences them and how life can be like a maze with many twists, turns and decisions to make.

Pond Dipping
This practical session involves pond dipping to see what creatures are currently in residence. The session involves a variety of games that aim to support children’s learning of conservation terminology such as producer, consumer, predator and prey.

The Big Picture
Based on self esteem; aiming to value ourselves and others by considering each of us as unique and exploring the role we have in the bigger picture of life.

Sense of Place
This is an art based session considering our environment and the amazing world around us.

Walk the Plank
Based on trust, this session aims to show how trust is important and and the role of it in life today. Old clothes and wellies are best for this activity.

Mission Impossible
This session run in the woodland emphasises the need to work together and to listen to each other to achieve “Impossible Tasks”.

Which Spotlight Sessions are available at each Rock UK centre?

Carroty Wood Spotlight Sessions

Frontier Centre Spotlight Sessions

Summit Centre Spotlight Sessions

Whithaugh Park Spotlight Sessions