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Below you will see the full range of outdoor activities we offer at Carroty Wood. The activities are carried out both on and off-site, depending on what they are, but they are all fully instructed by our highly qualified team.

Typically, individual activities last 2 hours, giving everyone taking part plenty of time to get to grips with the activity at hand as well as having a load of fun and learning some new skills. There are 3 different session times per day, with an hour break between each giving you time to grab a bite to eat or to sit down and take a break.

In addition to these sessions we can create full day activity packages, or build you a programme for a residential visit including a variety of different activities to meet your aims and budget! If you are interested in this then please give us a call on 01732 361361 and we will help you build your own activity programme.

Activities Leaflet