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Partnership with Pulse Ministries

Pulse Ministries team can provide a spiritual programme to add to your stay

Providing optional Christian content to enhance your Rock UK visit

Rock UK and Pulse Ministries have been working in partnership since early 2015 to provide optional programmes of Christian teaching which groups can choose to book as an add-on to their residential programme if required.  Rock UK have been providing outdoor adventure and activities for more than 90 years and with this partnership we are able to offer an additional resource for groups who wish to include specific Christian teaching within their programme, running alongside their activity package. 

At Rock UK we recognise that for many of our visiting groups, finding the time and resources to develop and deliver a programme of Christian teaching during a residential stay can be a daunting task, so we are delighted to be working with Pulse Ministries to provide this optional addition to programmes. 

Who are Pulse?

Pulse Ministries work with churches and organisations from different Christian traditions across the country, to help “Enlarge and Equip” their children’s and youth ministries. Members of Team Pulse have a heart for communicating Biblical truth to young people.

What does a typical "Pulse Programme" involve?

During a typical weekend programme where content from Pulse Ministries is required, Team Pulse will accompany a group on their residential and will provide 4 sessions which aim to be fun, interactive, thought provoking and to include biblical teaching, all tailored to fit the specific needs of the group.  Team Pulse will join the group from the very beginning to the end of their residential, building relationships with leaders and participants and providing help, support and assistance to group leaders where needed.

Where to find out more and how to make your booking?

To find out more about Pulse Ministries please visit their website at

For prices and to learn more about adding Pulse sessions to your programme, please talk to the admin team at the centre you are booked to visit.