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Rock Stars


Young people are strongly influenced by those in the public arena, celebrities, sports people and heroes. At Rock UK we want to establish a group of ambassadors who share our ethos and are prepared to associate with us to enable our guests to engage even more fully in their experience with us. We will call them our Rock Stars. They will come from all walks of life with the only criteria being:

  • They share our ethos and vision
  • They are in some way well known and respected in their field

We are delighted to announce that we already have 2 Rock Stars, both of them famous for their successful ascents of Everest amongst other wild adventures.

Our first Rock Star signed up in April 2010 was Jo Gambi, famous for successfully ascending the highest peak on each continent with her husband Rob and you can read more about Jo here.

Our second Rock Star signed up in May 2010 was Bear Grylls, famous for being the youngest Briton to climb Everest at the age of 23 after 3 hard years serving in the SAS. You can read more about Bear here.

Our third Rock Star signed up in January 2013 was Henry Olonga, famous for his black armband protest during a 2003 Cricket World Cup match against Zimbabwe’s policies. You can read more about Henry here.