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Supporting the work of Rock UK

Why we’d like your support

Rock UK is a Christian charity with four outdoor adventure centres around the UK (in Kent, Northamptonshire, South Wales & the Scottish Borders)

We work with over 50,000 young people each year, of all faiths and none. Donations from supporters like you enable us to continue the important work that we’re doing. We keep regular donors updated with our work and hold supporter days during the year. Or we’d love you to come and stay with a group you’re part of!

Areas of our work that you can support:

Our general funds.

Absolutely essential to our work – this is funding that keeps our centres running, our grass cut, our equipment safe and our staff paid. Regular giving to this area is always valued and very much appreciated.

Our Bursary Scheme.

This is an exciting new addition to our work. We can now support those who couldn’t otherwise afford to come on a visit to one of our centres. We are always sad when we learn that some children have been unable to join their peers for a school visit for financial reasons. Thanks to the generosity of donors over the past year we’ve been able to start making a change in this area, and we now need more supporters to keep doing this in the future! For further information please visit our bursaries page

Our Instructor Training Scheme.

Each year we recruit around 20 young people to join this instructor training scheme. It involves an extensive 2-year training programme encompassing all the technical skills and experience essential to outdoor instructors. We ask trainees to raise support for this scheme, and donors to the scheme are very welcome. We can link you up with one of our trainees (if you would like) to receive updates on their progress, their newsletters, and welcome you on visits to their centre when you are able.

What difference will your gift make?

  • £20 + Gift Aid buys a new helmet, ensuring we continue to meet highest safety standards
  • £60 + Gift Aid (or £7.50 per month) provides a bursary to enable a young person to join their peers on a week-long residential at one our centres
  • £300 + Gift Aid (or £25 per month) pays for 1 month’s training for a young person on the Rock UK Instructor Training Programme

How to get involved and make a donation

There are 3 main ways to make your donation to Rock UK:

  • Donate online by clicking on our “Just Giving” link.
  • Email us your contact details including postal address to and we will send you standing order forms.
  • Or, we’ve now made it even easier for you to donate by simply sending a text message as explained below

Donating by text message

You can donate to each of our fundraising areas by sending a simple text message - It’s that easy!!

  • To donate to the Bursary Fund - Just text: ROCK19, then the amount you want to give to 70070 (for example ROCK19 £10
  • To donate to our Instructor Training Scheme - Just text: ROCK35, then the amount you want to give to 70070 (for example ROCK35 £10)
  • To donate to our General Funds - Just text: ROCK26,  then the amount you want to give to 70070 (for example ROCK26 £10)

How much will it cost me to donate by text?

All text donations are free, and won’t come out of any inclusive texts you have as part of your price plan. You just pay the cost of your donation.

How is my donation collected?

When you make a text donation, it’ll either be deducted from your mobile phone credit or added to your mobile phone bill – and you won’t pay any VAT on your donation.

However you choose to support us we are extremely grateful